Photographer and artist based in London.

 My work approaches photography ‘androgynously’, provoked by ‘masculine’ sensibilities towards striking light, bold structures and vivid colour - and as a ‘feminine’ sense of tender compositions. 

Intimacy is at the core of all my work.

Interested in the nuances of both gender and photography theory - I use my work to explore the limitations of the ‘picture’,  photography ethics & deliberation. 

My photography spans sport, fashion, architecture within the scope of fine art. 

I’m currently studying for a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and am a recent grad of The BRIT school.


You can contact me
      via email: marciedocherty@icloud.com
      via instagram: @marciedocherty
 or via phone: +44 7727 707003


Zines & two editioned 
c-type prints through photobook cafe

Personalised, numbered prints via email: marciedocherty@icloud.com
And always, always available on comission.