Speed Dating seeks to captivate its viewer almost instantly. This ongoing project of mine documents club and youth culture across London. Amongst the queer community there seems to be this unanimous feeling that just for the night, nothing else exists beyond these celebrative spaces. These clubs, for a moment, shadow a worryingly regressing world. I want this work to be all-consuming. Flicking through a photobook, watching a video, or even looking at a particular photograph should pull the viewer into this world. This work is for outsiders in a lot of senses - experiencing these photos in an environment likely far from late-night clubs.
       This project also explores the intimate relationships formed between people on nights out and how often clubbing and nightlife are where relationships bubble to the surface. Amongst my friends, It’s not unusual to see expressions of love, as well as less uplifting feelings. Some of the more candid pieces highlight this.

       ‘Dancers’ (below) for example, was an interesting photograph to take. In looking at my photos from the evening I took this, I realised that the two seemed much more distant at the beginning of the night, and as the night progressed - and as my photography continued - they became closer and closer. Eventually resulting in this image. I love the fact that the only thing you can see is the arm of the man he's dancing with. The rest is open to interpretation, and it goes on outside of the camera's view... Read More